Our Favourites Fresh Fish & Shellfish Box

Our Favourites Fresh Fish & Shellfish Box

This box contains our selection of fresh favourites. The box will contain a mixture of wild fish, or farmed fish if necessary due to poor landings and weather. Our fish will be delivered filleted and ready to cook!


Within our favourites box, you will find ten portions of fresh oily and white fish. There will be a selection of salmon fillet, cod, haddock, mackerel, welsh mussels, prawns and dressed crab.

  • Storage Instructions

    Our fresh fish is great eaten straight away, or within three days of receiving. Fresh shellfish should ideally be consumed on the same day as you receive it. Store in your refridgerator and surround with ice if possible. To freeze your white fish; place it straight in the freezer upon delivery and eat within four months. If your box contains oily fish and you wish to freeze this, please consume within two months.